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Cleft Palate Instrument

Cleft Palate Instrument

It is mainly used to separate the mucosal membrane of jaw, nasal mucosa or vascular nerve bundle during cleft palate operation.


Model of Cleft Palate Instrument

Nasal lateral mucosa type(1#,2#); Vascular nerve(3#,4#); Palatal sticky periosteal(5#)


Material of Cleft Palate Instrument

The head of the product is made of 32Cr13Mo material specified in GB/T1220. The handle is made of 12Cr18Ni9 material in GB/T1220. The surface of the product is passivated.


Main technical indicators


The product after heat treatment, the head manufacturing material for 32Cr13Mo, its hardness requirements for 510-620HV.


The edge is slightly sharp,no gap and roll, in addition to the working edge of the head, there should be no sharp edges,burrs and cracks on the surface.


The head and handle of the product are soldered firmly.


The product has good corrosion resistance.