• $5400

Digital FM/AM Tuner RH2813RF

Digital FM/AM Tuner RH2813RF Features

※ 1U compact size with rackmount ears on both front ends.

※ The tuner provides the full range of FM frequency from

87.5 to 108MHz, and the AM frequency range is from 522 to 1620KHz.

※ Tuning is accomplished by pushbutton with frequency

readout appearing on a backlit LCD display panel.

※ Preset stations to memory by storing AM/FM stations

in advance,user can easily recall a broadcast station

by designating the corresponding preset memory channel.

※ Push-release connectors are provided for an external AM loop

antenna and FM dipole antennas are included with this unit.


The RH-AUDIO 1U Rack-mount Digital AM/FM Tuner RH2813RF is an ideal as a background music source in a sound system of all sizes by providing broadcast program material,it incorporates a digital PLL synthesized tuner for precise reception of AM and FM signals. Featuring a clean, uncluttered look with easy and intuitive control,the tuner provides outstanding performance and sound quality with superb sensitivity and stability.


A digital LCD display on the front panel indicates radio station,memory preset,tuning mode and frequency band.The RH2813RF offers 40 memory presets which can be  divided as desired between AM and FM stations.


The automatic up or down station scan control can be used to select the next preset or frequency.In addition,manual station tuning is also provided using the station up/down tuning bar.

Both these tuning methods can be set independently for the AM and FM bands.User can operate this device by pushing the buttons on its front panel or using its remote control.