Car Stereo Wiring Harness

The car audio wiring harness is very important for the car audio. A good harness is to ensure safety first, followed by anti-interference and attenuation. Car audio wiring harness can be divided into two categories: signal lines and power lines.


1. Signal harness

It is required to have good anti-interference, reduce signal attenuation, good contact, and prevent oxidation at the joint. Some signal wires are usually made of special alloy materials, snap ring plugs, and gold-plated on the plug surface to prevent oxidation.


1) Wrap the joint of audio signal wire with insulating tape to ensure insulation. When the joint contacts with the vehicle body, noise may be generated.


2) Keep the audio signal line as short as possible. The longer the audio signal line is, the easier it is to be interfered by the noise signal. Note: if the length of the audio signal line cannot be shortened, the extra long part should be folded up instead of rolled up.


3) The wiring of audio signal line shall be at least 20cm away from the power line of driving computer unit and power amplifier. If the wiring is too close, the audio signal line will pick up induced noise. Separate the audio signal cable and power cable on both sides of the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat. Note that when wiring near the power line and microcomputer unit, the audio signal line must be more than 20cm away from them. If the audio signal line and power line need to cross each other, it is recommended to intersect at 90°.


2. Power harness

The car audio harness requires stable current and voltage, low impedance and low current attenuation. The selection of the power supply wire depends on the power. The larger the power is, the larger the current is, the coarser the wire needs to be selected. Generally, pure metal wires with high purity are used as materials, and enthusiasts may use pure silver wires. In addition to the good insulation properties of the insulating material surrounding the power cord, it must be able to withstand high temperatures.