• $5400

Amplified Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker

Features of Amplified Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker

※ Built-in digital Class D amplifier with three options:

Model RH31BL with 1CH amplifier 1*10W

Model RH32BL with 2CH amplifier 2*10W

Model RH34BL with 4CH amplifier 4*10W

※ Built-in Bluetooth for wireless music streaming – works with almost all Bluetooth devices

(iphones, Androids, smart phones, ipads, tablets, etc).

※ Support for Bluetooth protocols: HFPV1.5, A2DPV1.2,AVRCPV1.4,HSP1.2, GAVDP1.2, IOP

※ DC 12V power supply with AC adapter.

※ Full-range 6″ dual-cone dynamic speaker driver.

※ Frame-mounted spring-loaded clamps provide secure, low-noise connections and easy installation.

※ Attractive color ABS resin finish with white metal grille suits any decor.


Descriptions of Amplified Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker


The RH-AUDIO Amplified Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers are ideal for streaming your music wireless to the speakers,which have below three solutions chosen according to the size of the room.

Model RH31BL with 1CH solution 1*10W: 1 one-channel-amplified speaker.

Model RH32BL with 2CH amplifier 2*10W: 1 two-channel-amplified speaker and 1 passive speakers.

Model RH34BL with 4CH amplifier 4*10W: 1 four-channel-amplified speaker and 3 passive speakers.


They are designed to enable high quality audio streaming from any Bluetooth-enabled device and wireless range is up to 10 metres.The installation requires only running 12VDC power to the amplified speaker,then running a single speaker cable to the passive speaker(s).


The high-quality and easy fit-in ceiling bluetooth speakers utilize 6W dual-cone dynamic speaker driver,will provide a clear and warm sound and suitable for installation in almost any material.Ideal for use in your living room, bedroom, hotel room,entertainment area, office, workspace, showroom, restaurant etc.