Direction to Silicone Sealant

Ⅰ. What is natural cure silicone sealant


Silicone sealant, is a kind of adhesive common-used in construction and daily life. It can be divided into single component and double component, according to its curing mechanism reaction characteristics. Single component silicone sealant achieves curing through contacting with the moisture in the air, absorbing heat and producing a crosslinking reaction. Natural cure silicone sealant is a common product on market. It is widely used in household decoration, adhesion in kitchen and bathroom, sunshine plate glass pasting, fish tank pasting, glass curtain wall, aluminum plastic plate pasting and other common civil projects, such as silicone sealant for aluminium windows.


Ⅱ. Direction to natural cure silicone sealant


(1) Usage


Single component silicone sealant is ready for use. You can easily peel it out of the bottle with a glue gun and smooth the surface with a spatula or wood chip.


(2) Curing process


The curing process of natural cure silicone sealant is developed from the surface inward. Silica gel with different characteristics has different surface dry time and curing time, so surface repair work must be carried out before the sealant surface dry. If a certain place is covered by color separation paper, the paper must be taken away before the surface forms after gluing.


(3) Cure time


The curing time of natural cure silicone sealant is increased with the increase of bonding thickness. For an example, 12mm acid glass glue may take 3-4 days to solidify, but within 24 hours, 3mm outer layer has been solidified. When using it to bond glass, metal, or most wood, it has a peel resistance of 20 pounds/inch after 72 hours at room temperature.


If the place of the silicone sealant is partially or completely closed, then the curing time is determined by the tightness of the sealing. In an absolutely sealed place, it is possible to remain permanently unsolidified. if the temperature is increased, it will make the glass glue soft. The gap between metal-metal bonding surface should not exceed 25mm. In all kinds of bonding occasions, including closed conditions, the bonding effect should be thoroughly checked before the use of bonded equipment.


Acid sealant will produce a smell in the curing process due to the volatilization of acetic acid. This smell will disappear during curing process, and finally there will be no smell after curing.


(4) Sealing


If silicone sealant is used for sealing, the usage is the same with the above steps. squeeze the glass glue into the joint surface or gap, so that the sealant and the surface are fully in contact.


(5) Clean


Before curing, silicone sealant can be wiped off with cloth or paper towels. After curing, it must be scraped with a scraper or be cleaned with solvents such as xylene or acetone.