Natural Cocoa Powder


Natural cocoa powder is a non-alkalized cocoa, pure and unsweetened. Because it has not been Dutch processed, natural cocoa powder tastes very sour. It still contains cocoa’s natural acids. The natural chocolate powder tends to be lighter in color but less mellow in flavor. Contact us and get the latest natural cocoa powder price!

Applications of Natural Cocoa Powder

The Skyswan natural cocoa powder is ideal for toppings, instant drinks, pastries and raw cacao chocolate confectionery.

Other Details of Natural Cocoa Butter


N. W.: 25 kg / bag

G. W.: 25.25 kg / bag

Packing: In 25kgs multilayer craft paper bags with inner polyethylene liner.

Container Loading Capacity: 

Per 20′ FCL: 600 bags x 25 kg = 15 MT

Per 40′ FCL: 1000 bags x 25 kg = 25 MT

Storage Conditions: In cool and dry storage, temperature: max. 25°C, relative humidity: max 65%.

Shelf Life: 24 months from date of production.

H. S. Code: 1805 000000.