• $14.50

Evans Low Foam Heavy Floor Cleaner

Evans Low Foam Heavy Floor Cleaner


  • Heavy duty highly effective low foam floor cleaner compatible with a scrubber drier

  • Safe to use on all types of polished & unpolished floor surfaces, certified as food safe 

  • It will remove all kinds of residue and dirt build ups from commercial & residential floors

  • The new Evans Low Foam Heavy Floor Cleaner can also be used for mopping floors

  • Due to its powerful degreasing qualities this product works perfectly on factory floors

  • Highly appreciated by garages, shops, schools, factories, industrial units, warehouses

  • It can be used in conjunction with cold or hot water, it will not generate any type of foam

  • The product will leave the surface spotless, it will not remove sealers, streak free finish

  • It contains no perfume, it is slightly alkaline and it provides superior results in no time

  • Dilute the product 1 to 50 up to 1 to 100, depending on the condition of the floor itself