• $22.56

Faber Floor Cleaner | Neutral PH

Faber Floor Cleaner | Neutral PH


  • A gentle daily cleaner and maintainer suitable for ceramic, porcelain & natural stones

  • It can be used on all surfaces with little or low level of absorbance (porosity)

  • To be diluted 1 to 50 before use and to be used in conjunction with a flat or normal mop

  • This product contains no waxes and it will leave no residue or any kind of surface streaks

  • The product is 100% compatible with highly polished natural stone floors and porcelains

  • The new Faber Floor Cleaner | Neutral PH has very little cleaning power or aggressivity

  • It can be used for daily cleaning and maintenance of residential and commercial floors

  • Highly cost effective, it contains a pleasant perfume and it is a pretty affordable product

  • It will cover between 900 to 1100 sq meters per 1L, very delicate on the grout widths