• $15.36

Faber Grout Cleaner

Faber Grout Cleaner 


  • Alkaline-based cleaner for in depth cleaning of grout and grout lines

  • The product is compatible with all kinds of acid sensitive surfaces

  • It is great for removing grout, cement and builders residue from tiles

  • A professional quality product for very dirty grout lines and floors

  • It will remove grease, body fats, grime, food residue, etc with ease

  • Suitable for heavy duty residential and commercial use

  • This product can be used on highly acid sensitive tiles and surfaces

  • To be diluted 1 to 10 up to 1 to 20 before use, pre-spray recommended

  • It can be used with a standard mopping system or just spray & scrub

  • Highly recommended for indoor and outdoor grout and tile cleaning