• $9.06

Faber San-X Floor Sanitizer

Faber San-X Floor Sanitizer


  • Sanitizing concentrated cleaner for all types of sealed and unsealed floors

  • It will kill a wide range of harmful bacteria and it will also neutralize all odours

  • It can be used with a standard mopping system or with a spray & wipe system

  • It contains quaternary ammonium salts that enables it to neutralize bacteria

  • Suitable for cleaning and sanitising all water washable surfaces indoor & outdoor

  • The product cleans quickly and leaves the surface spotless & residue free

  • Suitable for all kinds of residential, commercial and industrial surface disinfection

  • The new Faber San-X Floor Sanitizer contains a pleasant and durable fragrance

  • Highly recommended for people that own pets, veterinary clinics, healthcare, etc