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Faber Marble & Granite Protector

Faber Marble & Granite Protector


  • Completely invisible waterproofing sealer suitable for marble & granite surfaces

  • Creates an invisible barrier against a wide range of elements while waterproofing

  • Can be applied over new surfaces or as an overcoat over pre-existing impregnators

  • Fast drying time, low odour, very long lasting, suitable for vertical surfaces also

  • Can be applied with a microfiber cloth or with a special sealant-protector applicator

  • 1L should cover 20 to 30 square meters but it all depends on the surfaces absorbency

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, unaffected by UV rays, non glazing, non scratchable

  • Suitable for heavy duty commercial use but also for all kinds of residential sealing projects

  • It works great on all absorbent marble, granite, travertine, terracotta, concrete, terrazzo

  • The product can be used without any special training by professionals & domestic users