• $52.20

Faber Colour Enhancer Matt Finish

Faber Colour Enhancer Matt Finish


  • A deep penetrating colour enhancing matt sealer compatible with all absorbent materials

  • It does not glaze the surfaces and it does not affect the breathability of the surface

  • It will deepen up the colour of the surface and it will seal it in a matt wet look finish

  • To be applied over an unsealed and unprotected surface without a glossy glazing

  • The product will provide outstanding protection against water and all surface stains

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, on all horizontal and vertical dry surfaces

  • Great for sealing fountains, washrooms, patios, worktops, stoneware, window sills

  • The product is UV ray safe and it will not yellow over time even in direct sunlight

  • One of the very few solvent based sealers that are food safe and food certified

  • The estimated coverage area is about 15 sq M per 1L but it can vary dramatically

  • Highly recommended for heavy duty residential and commercial surface sealing

  • You do not need special tools or special training to be able to use this impregnator