• $56.88

Faber Natural Look Protector

Faber Natural Look Protector


  • 100% invisible solvent based protector compatible with all absorbent materials

  • It will provide an invisible barrier against spills, grease, fat, wine, food, coffee, etc

  • It does not alter the surface of the stone and it does not glaze the surface

  • The product is compatible with terracotta, cotto, concrete slates, limestone, paving

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use | A low odour and very long lasting protector

  • 1L will cover on average 20-30 sq meters but it can depend on the surface porosity

  • Apply the new Faber Natural Look Protector over a clean and dry surface

  • Suitable for commercial and residential stone sealing and stone protecting projects

  • This product will not create any wet look, it is not visible & it will not increase gloss

  • It can be applied over floors, walls, tiles, roof tiles, statues, patios, window sills