FPR 48100S

FPR 48100S

Multi-application LFP Battery Pack

The FPR48100S from 48v lithium ion battery manufacturer FPR is a 3U-height 19-inch integrated 48 volt lithium ion battery pack for phosphate communication.The battery lifepo4 48v pack’s attributes include its compact size, lightweight construction, easy battery management and self-maintenance, user-friendly operation, energy efficiency, and environmental friendliness.


The 48 volt lifepo4 battery pack is widely used in a variety of industries, including home energy storage, photovoltaic energy storage base stations, indoor and outdoor base stations, and others. Micro base stations, macro base stations, base stations for photovoltaic energy storage, micro grid energy storage, etc. are some examples of these uses.


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CCS with FCC

The 48 volt lithium iron phosphate battery with maximum flexibility inpositioningmating connectorsand higher tolerance in theassembly of the boards.


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