X-ray Inspection Machine for Winding Battery

Seamark’s winding battery X-ray inspection machines are suitable for the inspection of winding process type batteries in the lithium battery industry, using flat panel detector image acquisition technology and expandable inspection functions such as plate fold and tab fold. Suitable for testing lithium digital soft packs, cylinders, buttons, energy storage/power winding, and aluminum shell batteries.


Types of Winding Battery X-Ray Inspection Machine

Offline Inspection Machine for Winding Battery

inspections, ensuring quality control.

XB5100-Winding Battery Inspection


Inline Inspection Machine for Winding Battery

Seamark offers three models of inline-winding battery X-ray inspection machines. These machines inspect alignment, folds, tab pulling pins, etc., for multi-layer winding power batteries, supporting a range of cylindrical battery diameters (φ14–φ46mm) using advanced sampling technologies. Inspection covers aspects like angle overhang, resistance value, and conductivity.


How Does The Inspection Process Work For Winding Batteries?

Adjust The Inspection Angle

The first important thing is to adjust the battery to be detected at a suitable angle, which can help to machine more accurately and clearly inspect the internal structure and layers of the battery.


Modify the Suitable Voltage & Current

Different thicknesses, layers, and different types of batteries need to match the voltage and current of different parameter values for inspection to obtain the best image effect.


Algorithm Processing to Output the Best Image

The self-developed image preprocessing system, combined with unique algorithm enhancements, can help operators output inspection images simply and efficiently.


Is the X-ray Inspection Safe for Winding Batteries?

The X-ray inspection machine adopts non-destructive testing technology, which means it is very safe for the samples. As an X-ray machine, people may worry about the radiation. Seamark is strict in security; we adopt thick Pb material to produce the machine; and the radiation meets international standards, which is very safe for the operators. With a track record dating back to 2005, Seamark has extensive experience in producing X-ray battery inspection machines, ensuring both efficiency and safety.


Winding Battery Offline Inspection Machine VS Inline Inspection Machine

Winding Battery Offline Inspection Machine

Offline Inspection Machine

This type of equipment is usually used for random inspections and is suitable for the lab or batteries without strict production standards. It can save time and provide suggestions to help the battery manufacturer make the adjustment.


Winding Battery Inline Inspection Machine

Inline Inspection Machine

This type of equipment is typically used for full inspection, which is suitable for manufacturers who are strict in their QC. It is typically used in the fully automatic battery production line, which makes sure all products are compliant with standards.