Full Hydraulic Surface Top-hammer Drilling Rig

Our full-hydraulic open-air top hole drilling rig is manufactured to meet the market’s demand for efficient and environmentally-friendly drilling. This series of surface drilling machine are equipped with a two-stage dust removal device, which can effectively control the dust at the drilling site and achieve dust-free production in the mine.


Know More about Full Hydraulic Surface Top-hammer Drilling RigAmong them, TAIYE-T45 uses the Japanese-made YAMAMOTA Y-100 high-power hydraulic hammer drill, which is reliable in quality, sturdy and durable, and has fast perforation speed. Our hydraulic drilling rig machine greatly reduced production energy consumption and pollutant emissions. The unique easy-control rock drilling system can automatically adjust the propulsion speed, propulsion pressure, turning torque and impact pressure according to the rock conditions to achieve the best working condition.TAIYE all-hydraulic open-air top hammer drill rigs are your excellent assistants in terms of safety, perforation efficiency, fuel consumption and environmental protection effects. Find the ideal exploration drilling equipment at taiyedrilling.com right now!What is a Top Hole Drilling Rig?The top hole drilling rig is a percussive rotary drilling rig. The front end is directly connected to the drill bit and the back end is connected to the drill rod. When rock drilling, the impactor of the top hole drilling rig will dive into the hole, and the piston in the impactor will reciprocate to strike the shank through the gas distribution device (valve) so that the drill bit generates a whirling force on the rock at the bottom of the hole. Surface Drill Rigs for SaleThe surface drilling rig produced by TAIYE has the characteristics of small size and lightweight, which is suitable for places where large and medium-sized drilling rigs cannot be operated. As one of the earliest surface drilling equipment manufacturers in China, TAIYE has accumulated 25 years of experience in the drilling rig industry, established a professional team, and has won the long-term trust and continuous cooperation of many customers with effective solutions and excellent quality assurance. Our top hole drilling rig uses electric energy as power, with low noise and strong power. The drilling speed is 3-8 times that of general rock drills, the rock hardness reaches 20, and the drilling depth per hour is 8-16 meters.How does a Surface Drilling Machine Work?The working principle of the surface drilling machine is the same as that of the ordinary impact rotary pneumatic rock drill. The pneumatic rock drill integrates the impact rotary mechanism, and the impact energy is transmitted to the drill bit through the drill rod. While the top hole drilling rig separates the impacter and dives into the bottom of the hole. No matter how deep the drilling is, the drill bit is directly installed on the impactor, the impact energy does not need to be transmitted through the drill pipe, thus reducing the impact energy loss.Applications of Top Hole Drilling RigTop hole drill rigs are often used for drilling rock anchor holes, bolt holes, blast holes, grouting holes, etc. in urban construction, railways, highways, rivers, hydropower and other projects.How Many Types of Top Hole Drilling Rigs are There? There are two types of surface drilling machines: integral type and split type. According to the exhaust mode, it is divided into side exhaust and center exhaust. According to the shape of the cemented carbide embedded on the working surface of the top hole drilling rig, there are blade-type top hammer drill rig, column-tooth top hammer drill rig, and mixed type top hole drilling rig. The integral top hole drilling rig is single-piece with the head and the tail integrated. It is easy to process and use, and can reduce the loss when energy is transmitted. The head of the split-type top hole drilling rig is separated from the shank tail, and the two are connected by special threads. When the head of the surface drilling rig is damaged, the shank can still be used to save steel.What is the Strength of Your Surface Drill Rigs for Sale?Our full-hydraulic open-air top-hammer surface drilling machine is manufactured to meet the market’s demand for efficient and environmentally friendly drilling. This series of top hole drilling rigs are equipped with a two-stage dust removal device, which can effectively control the dust at the drilling site and achieve dust-free production in the mine.