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Gevi BrewOne Premium Pour-over Coffee Machine

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A breakthrough geometric design that pioneered the immersive, one-stop experience in the realm of pour-over coffee, infusing traditional barista wisdom into engineering aesthetics for superior quality extraction.


Brew as One

Pour the Perfect One

With scale, grinder, kettle, and brewer into one set, the BrewOne simplifies the process of Bean to Cup and unleashes the clean,

smooth flavor of pour-over coffeeto perfectly replicate barista techniques by controlling every slightest detail.



How does the BrewOne work?

Once the cable is connected, add fresh water to the tank and coffee beans to the hopper. Adjust the setting through the touch panel. It’s recommended to choose Beginner Mode to start with.


Grinding motor failure. What should I do?

The power board probably doesn’t detect the rotation of the grinder motor. Please check whether the lead wire of the grinder motor is reliably connected to the power board. And check whether the grinder is jammed by beans.


How often should I clean the grinder? And how to do it?

It is recommended to clean the plasma emitters with a soft brush after every 30 times of grinding. To clean the exterior, wipe with a soft, slightly moist cloth, and wipe the machine dry after cleaning. And its interior is detachable for deep cleaning as well.


Why the kettle doesn’t heat the water?

Please check the input voltage before plugging the machine in. Use the adapter if the input voltage exceeds the machine’s maximum operating voltage, and contact us for further assistance.


The machine pours water inaccurately.

The problem lies in the limescale built up in the machine. It’s suggested to perform Descaling Mode to remove the limescale.