Identify the major disadvantage of primary cell disadvantages of cells

Advantages of Primary cells:

* Bypasses ethical objections against animal use in biomedical research and allows human tissue experimentation.* The use of primary cells provides more relevancy to biomedical research than using cell lines. Pre-screened primary cells can be good systems to study biochemical signaling vivo very closely.* Primary cells reduce the expenditure on animal models and in turn make research cost—effective.

Disadvantages of Primary cells:

* Primary cells take more growth time than cell lines and have limited growth potential. Even with optimal growth conditions, primary cells eventually senesce and die without going for more passages.* The cells taken from different donors might behave differently in case of immune responses (unless pre-screened).* The cost of primary cell isolation and culturing is often high and primary cell cultures mostly require good amount of handling expertise. Primary cell characteristics may change with each subsequent passage in case optimum culture conditions are not maintained.