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Injection Molding Material

Injection molding materials are the foundation in the industrial filed. Feman tooling working with advanced technologies provide solutions for many applications in the injection molding industry.

Feman tooling provides different kinds of plastic injection molding materials solutions. With years working in the injection molding industry, we see many different kinds of plastic injection molding materials and are familiar with that are based on our long-term experience and professional technical knowledges. We serve in the automotive injection molding, packaging injection molding, medical injection molding, home appliance mold, etc. And these industries apply with different injection material due to the varied technical requirements form the product.

In the following, Feman will list some of the common material we use the daily such as ABS, PP, POM, PC, PVC, PA66, PMMA. Also, there is another engineering material whose features have special properties.For example, as one of ABS plastic molding manufacturers, we provide high-quality  ABS plastic injection molding. This engineering material requires special processing during injection such as high percentage glass fiber material, high carbon fiber material, high temp. material, low temp. material, toxic gas raw material. And these final injection products may be used to the aviation field, smart home appliance field, national defense industry, special medical industry, etc. Let’s get more to form the following.


Selecting the Right Material for Your Plastic Injection Molding

In the injection molding material marker, there may have thousands of materials. And even like normal ABS, it may perform differently due to the slightly variation of the composition form the chemical elements. To choose a right material for the products could make difference in the daily application. 


Check the field of the products is used for and what exactly the position product stay in. According to the  physical and chemical properties to choose the right injection molding material. In the national resin market, choose form the big brand company is the smart decision to guaranteed the performance.