CNC Aerospace Machining China

CNC machining technology has become one of the key technologies for aerospace parts machining. In particular, advanced CNC machining technology has transformed the UAV design concept. Our industrial aerospace CNC machining includes aerospace parts machining and aerospace machined product. Also, we are capable to provide surface treatment and assembly services to save you time and costs.


Available Materials In Aerospace CNC Machining

Due to the performance requirements of aircraft and spacecraft, there are certain requests for raw materials, which must have the characteristics of lightweight, corrosion resistance, stress cracking resistance, and easy be coated. Common materials used in machined aerospace parts are custom aluminum parts, stainless steel, titanium machining alloy, magnesium alloy, carbon fiber and other composite materials, etc.


All these materials are checked by the spectrometer at our aerospace machine shop!


Surface Finishes On CNC Aerospace Parts Machining

At LJZ, we provide customers with a series of services of drawing review machining surface treatment assembly. Therefore, we are not only expert in CNC machining aerospace, but also has rich experience in surface finishes.  The surface finishes that we often do are: anodizing, powder coating, painting, polishing, electroplating surface finish, silk screen, laser marking and so on.


Why Choose Aerospace Machining Company Like Us?

Specialize in on-demand CNC aerospace machining, CNC machining rapid prototyping and small batch production.


With more than one hundred high speed and high precision CNC machines, the facilities of our aerospace precision machining machine shop are designed for complex aerospace parts machining, rapid CNC prototyping and mass production manufacturing solutions.


Comply with ISO 9001 quality system, at least 6 inspection procedures from raw material to shipment. Also, we are knowledge of DFARS materials source.


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