Inline Inspection Machine for Winding Battery

Seamark has three models of inline-winding battery x-ray inspection machines: the XB7100, XB7300, and XB8100. Inline automated X-ray inspection machines are popularly used for different kinds of winding batteries. For example, XB7100 achieves fully automatic inline inspection of multi-layer winding power batteries, inspecting the alignment of positive and negative electrode plates, large surface folds, tab pulling pins, etc. of winding power and energy storage batteries. XB8100 is compatible with φ14-φ46mm cylindrical batteries. In order to meet the inspection requirements of multi-layer high efficiency under different diameters, area array sampling technology or TDI line scanning sampling technology is selected. The inspection contents include angle overhang, resistance value, conductivity, etc.


Winding Inline Inspection Machine Types

XB7100-Winding Battery Inspection

The Full Auto Series XB7100 is specifically designed for multi-layer winding power batteries, ensuring efficient and precise inspections for superior quality assurance in the battery industry.


XB7300-Digital Battery Inspection

The Full Auto Series XB7300 is tailored for digital soft pack batteries, providing specialized and automated inspections to ensure the highest quality standards in the manufacturing process.


XB8100-Cylindrical Battery Inspection

Full Auto Series XB8100, compatible with Full Auto Series XB8100 is designed to handle cylindrical batteries with diameters ranging from φ14 to φ46mm, providing versatile compatibility for various battery manufacturing needs and ensuring efficient inspection processes.


Benefits Of Using SEAMARK’s Winding Inline Inspection Machine

High Quality

Because Seamark is meticulous about quality control, its goods are well-known all over the world. To ensure product quality, our automated X-ray inspection machines use only the best components.


Support Customization

Various Customized requirements are supported by our battery automated X-ray inspection equipment. The structure can be modified to suit various clients.


Professional Service

Our skilled R&D team and after-sale service technicians can offer professional solutions to ensure that the customer uses the automated X-ray inspection machine effectively.


Why Is Winding Inline Inspection Important?


Winding Inline Inspection Machine


Winding inline automated X-ray inspection plays a pivotal role in modern manufacturing processes, ensuring the production of high-quality goods while optimizing efficiency and reducing costs. By inspecting each product in real-time as it moves down the production line, manufacturers can guarantee the accuracy and quality of their products. This real-time monitoring not only prevents defective items from reaching the market but also provides valuable data for process optimization. By analyzing the rate of qualified products, manufacturers can identify patterns in defects and make necessary adjustments to their production methods, machinery, or materials. This data-driven approach not only enhances product quality but also significantly cuts down on manufacturing expenses in the long term.


FAQs of Winding Inline Inspection Machine

What is the PPM of SEAMARK’s Inline Inspection Machine?

Different automated X-ray inspection machine models have different parameters. For the accuent PPM, please contact with the service or the salesman directly.


Can the Inline automated X-ray inspection machine be customized for different products?

The machine can be customized for different requirements. You only need to tell us your requirements, and our R&D team will provide the solution for you.