The Core Equipment of Automated Three-dimentional Warehouse: Stacker Crane

Tracked roadway stacking crane, a special crane developed with the appearance of three-dimensional warehouses, referred to as stacker crane. It is a very important lifting and handling equipment in a three-dimensional warehouse and a symbol of a three-dimensional warehouse. Its main purpose is to run along the track in the roadway of the high-rise warehouse to store the goods at the entrance of the roadway into the cargo compartment or to take out the goods in the cargo compartment and transport it to the entrance of the roadway to complete the warehouse operation.


There are many types of automated stacker cranes. In the current three-dimensional warehouse applications, the most common are the following two categories:


Ⅰ. Single-column structure and double-column structure divided by the structural form.

Ⅱ. Linear type and curved type divided by the running track.


Regardless of the type, the stacker is generally composed of basic parts such as horizontal walking mechanism, lifting mechanism, loading platform, and fork mechanism, frame, and electrical equipment. The walking motor drives the wheels through the driveshaft to move horizontally on the lower rail. The lifting motor drives the cargo platform to move vertically through the chain/wire rope/belt. Telescopic movement is made by the fork on the loading platform. The walking addresser is used to control the horizontal walking position of the stacker. A lifting addresser is used to control the lifting position of the cargo platform. Computer control can be realized through address recognition, photoelectric recognition, and conversion of communication numbers, and automatic, semi-automatic, and manual control can also be realized through the control panel.


Currently, stacker cranes are widely used in industries such as machinery manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, textiles, railways, cigarettes, and medicine. With the development of modern industrial production, the technology of tracked roadway stackers is constantly improving and perfecting.