Smart Charging Pile

PayBlox is the cutting-edge provider of smart charger. Our IoT-based charging solutions support utility, automotive, and business programs worldwide. PayBlox’s smart EV charging allows you to monitor, manage, and restrict the use of charging stations remotely to get real-time insights and track energy usage.


Types of Smart Charging Pile

Smart EV Charger:PayBlox help you formulate the most suitable EV charging solution.


Smart E-bike Charger:Smart Charger Significantly Increases E-Bike Battery Lifetime.


Other Smart Chargers:Smart Fast Charger can provide suitable solutions according to customer business needs.


Smart EV Charger

PayBlox is the cutting-edge provider of smart electric vehicle charging stations. Our IoT-based charging solutions support utility, automotive, and business programs worldwide.


Smart E-bike Charger

PayBlox E-bike/e-scooter smart charge station is applicable mainly as the emergency fast charging, it’s suitable to use in the street stores, shopping mall, hospital, bus and train station and etc…


Other Smart Chargers

PayBlox smart chargers are also suitable for parking lot charging systems, self-service power bank, self-service phone chargers, etc.


Why Do You Need A Smart Charging Pile?

Manage energy efficiently

Smart EV Charging Payment Solutions isn’t just another fancy technology we like to brag about. Smart fast charger will power the world of tomorrow.


Smart fast charger offers significant advantages to the entire charging ecosystem. Smart fast charger optimizes and stabilizes the flow of energy within the grid, while ensuring more reliable service and quality power.


With widespread adoption of smart chargers, this means EVs will be used to store energy, balance the grid, lower prices for end users and reduce carbon emissions. At the same time, smart charging means you can intelligently manage how your EV is charged by connecting it to the grid.


How to Choose Your Smart Charging Pile?


Choose Your Smart Charging Pile, the following aspects need to be considered


1. Speed: How fast do you want to charge?


All level 2 smart chargers use 240V, but the charging speed will vary depending on the amperage or current of the smart charger. Your need for speed will vary based on your EV range, your commute, and how you drive. Most electric vehicles can absorb about 32 amps of current and charge at about 25 miles per hour, so 32-amp charging stations are a good choice for many vehicles.


2. Supply: How much space do you have on your switchboard?


As mentioned, all Level 2 smart chargers require a 240V electrical connection. You’ll need to choose a smart car charger with the right amperage or current level for your car and the amount of power available.


3. Smart features: What else can the charger do?


Getting the right smart car charger is one thing. Actually using it can be another one. Some WiFi-enabled “smart” EV chargers connect to apps to manage charging, set schedules, and get convenient charging reminders. If you’re a data geek or just want to know exactly how much you’re spending on charging, apps can also help you track charging costs and miles traveled in one place without any extra effort.