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Metal Injection Molding (MIM)

Metal injection molding (MIM) is a typical result of interdisciplinary, which integrates two completely different processing processes (plastic injection molding and powder metallurgy). So that designers can get rid of the traditional constraints and obtain low-cost and special-shaped stainless steel, nickel, iron, copper, titanium and other metal parts by plastic molding, so as to have greater design freedom than many other production processes. As a professional metal injection molding machine manufacturer, we provide services for customizing Mim products.


Advantages of MIM Metal Injection Molding

Metal powder injection molding is a new manufacturing technology combining powder metallurgy and plastic forming. With the advantages of conventional powder metallurgy, this mim machining technology can produce mass of small, complex, and high free design metal parts production with higher-dimensional accuracy. During the process of MIM metal injection molding, more material can be adopted to produce production of excellent properties of physical and chemical and dazzling appearance with low material wasting.


Advantages of MIM Metal Injection Molding

MIM Metal Injection Molding Process

Metal injection molding is most suitable for mass production of small metal parts. As with injection molding, these components may be geometrically complex, thin-walled and detailed. Various ferrous and non-ferrous alloys can be used with metal powder, and the material properties (strength, hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.) are close to forged metal. In addition, since the metal does not melt in the metal injection molding process (different from the metal casting process), superalloys can be used without any negative impact on the tool life.


MIM Metal Injection Molding Applications

MIM metal injection molding has been used for more than 40 years, with its great advantages of higher dimensional accuracy and excellent physical and chemical properties, it has been used in a wide range of industries including medical, firearms, aerospace, automobile, etc.






Metal Injection Molding in Consumer Applications

MIM Parts & Products Examples

MIM has a wide range of applications, its products can cover almost every industry. JLY has many years’ experience of supplying MIM products. We have produces various MIM parts for different industries.


MIM Material Options

Different industries would need various metal materials. JLY owns many material options for you to choose. Our materials ranges from the common steel type to the heavy material used in extreme situtations. You can choose the material needed for different usage.