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Two Shot Injection Moulding

Two Shot Injection Moulding, also known as dual-shot, multi-shot, allows engineers to create multi-material or multi-colored parts without other steps.


It is a kind of plastic raw materials of injection molded parts after the parts out, fed into the second mold again with the same or another plastic material molding process.


Features of Two Shot Injection Moulding

The soft surface


The two-shot injection molded parts can make the surface of the product full of soft, which can increase the functionality.


High product value


The two-shot custom plastic injection molding by GM-TECH, a reliable injection mold components supplier, combines two or more materials with different characteristics to increase product value.


Versatile functions


The two-shot products made by the plastic injection mold and molding technique are known for being multifunctional. With this technology, two-shot moulding parts are widely used in noise reduction, shock absorption, waterproofing, and so on.


Specification of Two Shot Injection Moulding

Part material




Mould steel

H 13

Mould  steel



2 drops mold master

Mould  life


Mould standard


Mould structure

5 lifters

Exporting country



5 weeks

Mould  quality customer satisfaction


FAI pass rate


Project cooperation service customer satisfaction



How Does the Two Shot Injection Moulding Work?

In order to meet the special needs of many plastic products, injection-molded plastic parts manufacturers use two or more two kinds of plastic raw materials many times. In the two-shot injection molded part process, the covering material is injected above, below, around, or inside the substrate, and the material is combined into a complete part. This process of two shots of precision injection molding can be completed through multiple injections or embedded injection.