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Screw Thread Mould

The screw thread plastic injection mold, a special part of the plastic injection molding process, is used for mass production of screw thread.


Nowadays, molded screw threads are everywhere — on the cap of a Coca-Cola bottle, on the nut linking the drain pipe to the underside of the kitchen sink. So here comes a lot of screw thread plastic injection molding companies to perform the process of screw thread mould. GM-TECH, as a leading custom plastic injection molding company, will continuously spare efforts to produce high quality injection molds.


Features of Screw Thread Mould

Short cycle time


With plastic injection molding machine,the screw thread can be manufactured quickly.


Better maintenance


High precision injection molds of screw thread are tools requiring high maintenance. Everything must be timed, and that timing must be maintained to get the best productivity.


Low cost


Large plastic molds can be performed spontaneously to save the labor and material cost.


Fast ventilation


Usually the thread is formed in a blind pocket. Trapped gas will be vent out.


Mould design services


The Specification of Screw Thread Mould

Part material





cold runner

Mold accuracy

+ / – 0.02

Mold steel


Moldbase steel


Mold life


Mold standard


Mold structure

2 slides

Exporting country


Delivery time

4 weeks

Mold quality customer satisfaction


FAI pass rate


Project cooperation service customer satisfaction



How does Screw Thread Mould Work?


There are four general steps to produce screw thread plastic injection mold.


Split tooling


Numerous screw-threaded parts are injection moulded by this step.


Thread jumping


This is the cheap plastic injection molding to produce screw thread molding product. It is very widely used for the manufacture of closure threads.


Collapsible coring


It is very convenient to manufacture common injection molded plastics.


Rotary unscrewing


Rotary unscrewing is used where split line witness cannot be tolerated or often when larger numbers of impressions are required.