Metal Rapid Prototyping

The advantages of the Metal CNC rapid prototype can very accurately reflect the information in the drawings, and the surface finishing quality is very high. The use of Rapid Prototype in the field of machine production because of the characteristics of Rapid Prototype skill itself, has been widely used in the field of mechanical production and is mostly used in the production of single and small batch metal parts. Some special messy parts, because only a single production, or less than 500 pieces of small-batch, generally they can be directly made by the rapid prototype with small batch production with low cost, short cycle.CNC Metal rapid prototype can use Aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, brass, stainless steel, and other processing materials. The surface finishing can be done the High Polishing, Grinding, Polishing, Sandblasting, Oxidation, Electroplating, Powder Coating, and Gas Hardened. Short-time gas nitriding, DLC, heat treatment, and so on.


Metal Rapid Prototyping Material Info

Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum alloy is one of the most widely used non-ferrous metal structural materials in the rapid prototype, and they has been widely used in aviation, aerospace, automobile, medical, rapid prototype  model. At present, Aluminum alloy is the most widely used alloy in rapid prototype. It has the advantages of easy processing and forming, good rigidity and rich anodize coloring.


Metal Rapid Prototyping Material Info

6061 Aluminum Rod



6061 aluminum rod representative uses include aerospace fixtures, electrical fixtures, and communication fields, also widely used in automation machinery parts, precision processing, mold manufacturing, electronics and precision instruments, SMT, PC board solder carrier, and so on. It is a heat-treatable alloy with good formability, weldability, machinability, and moderate strength. It can still maintain good operation after annealing.



6061-T651 is the main alloy of 6061 alloys. It is a high-quality aluminum alloy produced by heat treatment and pre-drawing process, but its magnesium and silicon alloys have many characteristics. It has excellent processing performance, excellent welding characteristics and electroplating, good corrosion resistance, high toughness, and no deformation after processing, material density without defects and easy polishing, easy coloring film, excellent oxidation effect, and other excellent characteristics. The application of plate belts is widely used in decoration, packaging, construction, transportation, electronics, aviation, aerospace, weapons, and other industries. Aerospace aluminum is used to make aircraft skin, fuselage frame, girder, rotor, propeller, fuel tank, siding, and landing gear prop, as well as rocket forging ring, spacecraft siding, etc. Transportation aluminum is used for automobiles, subway vehicles, railway buses, high-speed bus body structure material, car doors and windows, shelves, car engine parts, air conditioners, radiators, car body plates, wheel hub,s and naval ship materials.


6061 Aluminum Alloy Element

The main alloying elements of 6061 aluminum alloy are magnesium and silicon, and form Mg2Si phase. If contain a certain amount of manganese and chromium, can neutralize the bad effect of iron; Sometimes a small amount of copper or zinc is added to improve the strength of the alloy without significantly reducing its corrosion resistance; There is also a small amount of copper in the conductive material to offset the bad effects of titanium and iron on electrical conductivity; Zirconium or titanium can refine grain and control recrystallization structure. Lead and bismuth are added to improve machinability. Mg2Si is solidly dissolved in aluminum, which makes the alloy have the function of artificial age hardening. The main alloying elements in 6061 aluminum alloy are magnesium and silicon, with moderate strength, good corrosion resistance, weldability and good oxidation effect.


Mg-Al 6061-T651 is the main alloy of 6-series alloy, which is a high-quality aluminum alloy product after heat treatment and pre-drawing process. Mg-al 6061 has excellent machining performance, good corrosion resistance, high toughness and no deformation after processing, easy coloring film, excellent oxidation effect and other excellent characteristics.


Main uses: widely used in various industrial structural parts requiring certain strength and high corrosion resistance, such as manufacturing trucks, tower buildings, ships, trolleys, railway vehicles.