Nylon 66+GF30 3D Printing

Nylon 66+GF30 3D Printing

Nylon glass fiber is a kind of white powder, compared with ordinary plastic, its tensile strength, bending strength increased, thermal deformation temperature and material modulus increased, the thermal deformation and shrinkage of the material decreased, but the surface becomes rough, impact strength slightly reduced. The results show that the mechanical properties, dimensional stability, heat resistance and aging resistance of PA are improved obviously when 30% glass fiber is added to PA, and the fatigue strength is 2.5 times of that without. Nylon glass fiber materials are mainly used in automobile, home appliances and consumer electronics fields. The molding process of nylon glass fiber material is roughly the same as that of unreinforced nylon, but due to the increase of melt viscosity, the injection pressure and injection speed should be appropriately increased, and the temperature of barrel should be increased by 10°C~40C. During processing, the glass fiber will be oriented along the melt flow direction, thus enhancing the mechanical properties and dimensional stability of orientation direction.


3D Printed Nylon Glass Fiber Material Properties


3D printed nylon and glass fiber,PA3200GF(Nylon + glass fiber)


Glass fiber nylon powder PA3200 GF is a white, glass beaded poly amide 12 powder characterized by a combination of rigidity and good elongation at break.Glass fiber filled nylon powder (30% glass fiber), glass fiber filled PA12 nylon powder, white.


Print the advantage

Material Properties

Application at Function Rapid Prototype

Important Technical Parameters

The Product Application

Print the advantage of Nylon 66+GF30 3d Printing

1. Parts used under high temperature conditions


2, Need to have high rigidity, high thermal deformation resistance


3, Need specific stiffness, high thermal deformation temperature and low


3d Printed Nylon Glass Fiber Materials Info

3D Printed Nylon is a high precision photosensitive resin material.



The properties of nylon glass fiber


In the field of 3D printing, the addition of glass fiber improves the mechanical properties, wear resistance, thixotropic properties, dimensional stability and thermal deformation resistance of nylon, effectively improving the machinability of nylon. But at the same time, the addition of glass fiber also increases the surface roughness of the product, which adversely affects the appearance of the product.


With the rapid development of 3D printing technology, the application of fiberglass reinforced nylon in 3D printing field has also been significantly increased. Glass fiber not only improves the mechanical strength of nylon to a certain extent, but also more effectively improves the defects of high thermal shrinkage and poor dimensional stability of nylon, making it more suitable for the needs of 3D printing materials





ø Suitable for objects requiring the best resistance to impact and high temperature.


ø Extremely high stiffness and strength


ø Large operating temperature range


Good chemical resistance and UV linear resistance


Excellent layer adhesion


Low warpage effect



Application of nylon glass fiber material


Best suited for applications requiring high stiffness and low abrasive wear, fully functional parts (bearings, bushings, gears, industrial fixtures), mechanical parts, complex and complex geometry and the automotive industry.


We carry two Nylon glass fiber materials for 3D printing:


Nylon glass fiber materials like White color


Nylon glass fiber materials like black color


There are include 3d printed nylon materials.

3D Printed like White(PA3200GF)