MPro Niti Files (3 Files System)

Easy, Safe and Efficient


Mpro 3 Files system is made by nickel-titanium alloy which is endowed the strong clinic performance with prebendable, great fracture resistance and high cutting efficiency. This imd rotary file is combined by one opener file & two sharping files and able to prepare all kinds of canal anatomies.


Key Work Steps Of Mpro 3 file system

Determining the working length by SS K file #8, #10 or#15.


Establishing straight access till 3mm to apex with M Pro rotary files #18.


Enable the creation of a smooth glide path and determine the working length again by Wayfinder file #10 or #15.


Finish preparation till full of working length by MPro file #20 or #25.


Advantages Of MPro Niti Files (3 Files System)

The Convex Triangular Cross-Section Design

With effective cutting performance and great fracture resistance, the three very efficient cutting edges improve the cutting efficiency and allow the instrument to advance easily in the canal.


Great Fracture Resistance

Increasing life time, less screwing, less resistance for debris transportation.


Increasing pitch from tip shaft, debris is transported out of the canal automatically while the instruments continue apically with extreme ease


Non-cutting guide tip reduces the risk of transportation of apical foramen.


Mpro Prebendable

With X-Wire material and special craft, which can be pre-bendable to adapt to different shape of tooth root canal treatment.