Dental Post

Normally, the dental post is driven into the root canal as a stress core under the crown so as to increase teeth retention and recover the function of the teeth.


The metal post for dental uses is mostly employed in root canal treatment as it is not easy to cause the fracture of the tooth root. Moreover, the strong corrosion resistance of the metal dental post can also extremely reduce the possibility of reinfection after treatment. As a professional dental post manufacturer, IMD Medical can provide you with high-quality metal posts including stainless steel dental post, gold plated dental post and titanium dental posts with competitive prices.


Advantages Of Dental Post

A parallel-sided middle section with an anatomical cone-shaped tip for optimum retention and conformity to root morphology.


Can A Dental Post Be Removed?

Yes, a metal post for dental uses can indeed be removed. As the crown has to undergo re-treatment regularly and the metal post itself can be possibly fractured, it is important to regularly check the condition of the metal post dental and replace it in time if it is needed. Normally, the removal of a dental post will be conducted when the patient is under anesthesia, and different removal methods will be applied to different types of dental posts.


Post and Crown vs Implant

In order to repair a broken tooth, people typically have two choices, either to have a dental implant or to have tooth post and crown. While the dental implant is mainly used to directly replace the original tooth, the tooth post and crown normally function as a small-cap for an existing tooth. So what to choose when it comes to repairing the broken tooth? Generally speaking, the dental implant will be more expensive and it also takes more time; whereas, it can be used for a lifetime. Compared to the implant, the tooth post and crown are much cheaper and they are also suitable for more patients. However, it should be noted that due to the constant use, all the crowns will have to be replaced eventually and no matter what types of dental posts are used, there are still some possibilities that the metal post dental will be fractured.