Orthodontic Pliers

Made from high quality stainless steel and featured a brilliant corrosion-resistant finish, IMD can offer a wide array of cutting, bending and miscellaneous use orthodontic instruments.


Key Features Of Orthodontic Pliers

Wear and corrosion-resistant metal inserted jaws


Metal inserted jaws ensure consistent performance and reliability of cutting edges


Braces pliers’ shape with round edges make sure maximum comfort and safety


Highest quality surgical grade stainless steel


Made with a box-joint method which stops lateral play or staggering and it retains cutting edges alignment and provides smooth and precise floating movement without effort


Exactly specified sizes and design of handles fit with the natural movement of hands


Elegant Matte Finish/Stunning mirror-touch on handle


Recommendation For Care And Maintenance Of Orthodontic Pliers

In order to ensure the longevity of your instruments, please follow proper instructions for use. Use steam sterilize for at least 4 minutes at 132℃ or 30 minutes at 121℃. Do not use the high-pressure steam sterilization with the medicine made of alcohol content.