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Multi-cloud Peering


In addition to connecting with ISPs’ networks, the public cloud is also conducting peering around the world. Through these interconnected systems, a quality channel with light load and zero interference from routers of other networks is available. Customers can access the nearby backbone network provided by GoSDWAN. After acceleration, the peering channel in the public cloud is created using the Layer 3 BGP policy, enabling a private domain that can be accessed by multiple clouds.


Unlike the open Internet, which is vulnerable to cyber-attacks, GoSDWAN’s Multi-cloud Peering still adopts TCP/IP protocols, but shields the intrusion of irrelevant traffic routing at the network level, and the cloud address is only used for virtual tunnel construction. With the “one-stop” management portal, Multi-cloud Peering also allows customers to implement basic deployment for cloud-network synergy using NFV solutions.


Features and Benefits of GoSDWAN Multi-cloud Peering


Fast networking

Multi-cloud access


Sufficient resilience