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SCM200 M2M Chip Personalization Machine

The SCM200 M2M chip personalization data writing machine can perform electrical performance testing, personalized data writing, and surface laser personalized printing on M2M chips, automotive electronic SE (Security Element – security chips), eSIM and other smart devices in QFN, DFN, VSOP8, WLCSP and other packaging forms.


SCM200 can provide stable WLCSP chip personalization data writing production services for global mobile operators, smart device foundries, and automotive electronic security chip manufacturers, and can flexibly and quickly switch production orders of different packaging forms.


Specifications of SCM200 M2M Chip Personalization Machine


Overall Dimension

1250mm×950mm×1870mm(Excluding the tape bracket part)



Power Supply

220V(-5%~+10%), 50Hz, 3KW



Operation Temperature


Operation Humidity


Compressed Air

stress: 0.5Mpa Flow rate: 3300L/M

Communication Interface


Functions of SCM200 M2M Chip Personalization Machine


Equipped with two chip storage stations.

The chips are positioned to ensure accurate placement, and this mechanism includes a pin turning function, which can rotate the chips by 90° or 180°. Two sets of chip positioning units are placed at the post station of the tape feeding unit and the pre station of the tape receiving unit, respectively, for direction adjustment when the chip enters the writing station and when the chip is collected.

Standard configuration of four read-write stations, expandable to eight.

Standard configuration of one PIOTEC reader-writer PT204PT-AMA, expandable to two. It can perform personalized data writing and online card replenishment functions on the chip, supporting 7816, serial port, Bluetooth, SPI and I2C protocols. IC data verification function can be realized.

Equipped with a 20W fiber laser marking machine. Equipped with a smoke purifier.

Equipped with a set of 5 million pixel CCD industrial cameras and light sources. Equipped with a set of OCR (Optical Character Recognition software).


Advantages of SCM200 M2M Chip Personalization Machine



High Stability:

The equipment failure rate is less than 0.01%.


Focused on WLCSP chip personalized data writing production.


High-precision mechanical handling mechanism, supporting chips as small as 1.4*1.4mm.

High Compatibility

Supports production of chips of up to a dozen different sizes, and switching between different chip specifications takes only 20 minutes.


Supports two ways of feeding: tray and feeder.


Fully supports secondary development to meet various customization needs.


High Cost-Performance Ratio

Integrates a variety of independently developed core technologies, reducing procurement costs by 15%.


Fewer consumable parts and longer life, reducing maintenance costs by 20%.


High Flexibility

Small footprint, flexible configuration.