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3D Printing Solutions

Today, Design engineers are no longer satisfied with standard products and are now demanding more personalized solutions – “faster”, “stronger”, “more sustainable”, “more renewable”, and “smarter”. They demand materials that can be processed easily and demonstrate outstanding performance.


UnionTech brings a step change in the possibilities of additive manufacturing. Beyond offering an industry-leading portfolio of materials, UnionTech is committed to unlocking new opportunities by bringing comprehensive solutions and expertise to the client, from identifying their needs to industrialization.



3D printing helps you get from idea to product in a matter of days. Thus, 3D printing electronic devices appears to be really interesting. They will perfectly match your electronic components, such as a circuit board. Rapid prototyping is also made easy thanks to the 3D printing process and will allow you to build the best product designs.


3D Printing for Consumer Electronics


There are many types of dental 3D printers available at UnionTech. They produce the same products but run at different speeds and require different levels of post-processing. Dental professionals can find the solution that best meets their facility’s needs.


Dental 3D Printing


3D printing has many functions in a variety of industries. However, there are four core uses of 3D printing in the medical field that are associated with recent innovations: creating tissues and organoids, surgical tools, patient-specific surgical models, and custom-made prosthetics.


3D Printing in the Medical Field


3D printing is creating new possibilities for the footwear industry. Shoe manufacturing is a labor-intensive industry where most of the production process is still manual. 3D printing offers a great option for streamlining the production of certain footwear components.


3D Printing for Footwear Mold


Technology and cultural creation will become a new trend in the information age. With the help of UnionTech 3D printing technology to verify innovative design and mold processing, cultural and creative products can enhance their artistic creativity and technological sense.


3D Printing for Cultural Creativity


The construction industry is a highly competitive field. Construction companies must pursue not only performance but also innovation to stand out from the competition and stay ahead. UnionTech will use 3D printing technology to provide more opportunities for construction companies to succeed.


3D Printing for Architecture


Advances in 3D printing technology are supporting the automotive industry in achieving aerodynamic performance. Whether it’s vehicle design, manufacturing, or testing prototypes and final parts, this great technology is improving manufacturing methods. We announced without hesitation that 3D printing will revolutionize the automotive industry.


3D Printing in Automotive Industry


The aerospace industry is a pioneer of 3D printing and has significantly contributed to its development. 3D printing is implemented at every stage of the aerospace industry’s design workflow: design, prototyping, production, and customization. 3D printing has led to lighter and stronger components such as air ducts, wall panels, structural metal parts, fuel tanks, complex gearboxes and covers, gearbox housings, structural hinges, lightweight engine components, and more.


3D Printing in Aerospace Ares


3D printing of molds to create investment molds can result in significant time and cost savings compared to traditional processes. In addition, 3D printing allows for the production of more complex molds without increasing costs.


3D Printing for Investment Casting


3D printing enables better and faster engineering designs. It can provide a new solution to speed up your workflow and prototyping cycles. Better-tested, cost-effective rapid prototyping is a win for your team.