PVC Insulated Cable


We supply two main types of PVC insulated cables: the general usage PVC insulated power cable and low voltage PVC insulated sheathed cable. Reliable Quality removes your concerns about usage on any occasion.

The general usage PVC insulated power cable include the PVC insulated non-sheathed building wire and PVC insulated PVC sheathed cable. The voltage could be 450/750V and 300/500V. The conductor could be solid, strand and flexible. We can supply the PVC power cable with BS EN 50525-2-11, BS EN 50525-2-21, BS 6004.AS/NZS 5000.2 and IEC 60227. They are most suited for energy supply in fixed installations.

The PVC insulated wire is the most common power cables with annealed twisted and solid copper conductor and PVC out sheath. They are widely used in power distribution and power transmission. As one of the most professional PVC wire cable manufacturers, we supply a full range of low voltage 0.6/1kv polyvinyl chloride insulated cables from one core to five cores according to IEC 60502 and AS/NZS 5000.1