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Reasons You Should Fall In Love With Silk Blends

Made out of the larvae cocoons of silkworms, silk is known as protein fiber. Due to the heavy demand for this amazing fabric, silk blends have come up as a great alternative to pure silk. Silk blends eliminate the shortcomings of the pure material.



A silk blend increases the durability of fabric by driving the strength of other blended fabrics like cotton and silk blend, wool and silk blend, etc. 



A silk blend also serves as the best alternative to 100 % silk as it is less expensive. Blended silks like linen-silk, cotton-silk, and satin-silk are some of the best pure silk alternatives.


Health properties 


The blend of silk with other fabrics also provides various health benefits, such as increased antimicrobial properties of the fabric. Fusion of silk with other materials provides protection against UV rays and enhances air permeability.