PTFE Membrane


What is a PTFE Membrane?         


Polytetrafluoroethylene membrane(PTFE membrane) is a synthetic material that expands to form a microporous film (also called Teflon film/membrane) and can be laminated to functional fabrics. The microporous PTFE has waterproof, windproof, and heat-resistant properties which are used to produce waterproof breather membrane, and is ideal for firefighter clothing, sports, leisure clothing, and military equipment material.


As the expanded PTFE membrane manufacturer, the SunGod PTFE film (polytetrafluoroethylene film), which is produced by us, is combined with a cross-linked polyurethane coating and penetrates into the PTFE structure. This improves the durability of the porous film. It means that after repeated washing, wearing, and using, SunGod PTFE membrane will stay on its task.


SunGod is the worldwide first and only expanded polytetrafluoroethylene membrane manufacturer licensed to use Chemours TeflonTM fluoroplastic logo.


As one of the most professional PTFE membrane manufacturers from China, SunGod has top-quality waterproof and breathable membranes for sale. If you want to know our PTFE membrane price or other product information such as eptfe film, micro porous film and hydrophobic PTFE membrane, please contact us or leave a message through our website.


Micro Porous Membrane Technology


SunGod PTFE membrane is built with 9 billion nanoscopic pores per square inches that work instantly to vent out sweat vapor which generates inside of your gear when you perform. The micro porous film is dry and comfortable in the widest range of conditions, which results in a critical difference to traditional non-porous film solutions. The microporous hydrophobic direct vent dry system has your sweat vapor vent out without a multi-step process and free of wet feeling inside the skin.


Sweat vapor diameter

Pore diameter Sungod PTFE membrane

Water droplet diameter




Or 0.0004um

Or 0.1-0.5µm

Or 900-10,000µm


Advanced Pore Size Measurement of Micro Porous Film


Sophisticated PMI pore size measurement system.

Maintaining pore size evenness and performance conformity.


High-Tech Teflon Membrane Consolidating Treatment


With multi-layer treatment, we make the polytetrafluoroethylene membrane more versatile with higher performance and wider application.

Durability: BK series membrane has high waterproof after cycle washing.

Anti-abrasion: Over 50,000 cycles Martindale abrasion sustainability.

Flame Retardant.



Oil Repellent.

Medical Virus Protection.


Windproof: MK Series Windproof Membrane


MK series products with great windproof property and also excellent breathability. Due to the water resistance, durability and breathability of MK series windproof membrane, it can be used from sportswear to professional wearing and other situations. It is usually laminated with fleece to prevent the wind.


Down Feather: MK-1 Series Breathable Film


MK-1 series is our best breathable membrane with great windproof property and also excellent breathability. Even in extremely low temperature or high humidity environment, providing the wearer maximum comfort and warmness.


Durable: BK Series Membrane


Our BK series of PTFE membranes are known for their long-lasting durability. It can be continuously washed for 200 hours. With special surface treatment enhancing mechanical strength and delivering durable water resistance which also come with high breathability, it meets severe specs for extreme conditions of multifunctional garments, including professional outdoor like mountain wear, biking, hunting, fishing, etc.


Flame Retardant: BK-F Series Membrane


Our BK-F products protect you from harm in the dangerous environment. All our products for structural fire protection comply with international standards and are highly durable.


Medical: BK-M Series Breathable Insulation Membrane


When BK-M series membrane, a kind of breathable insulation membrane, is anti-bacteria and reliable for WDA 80-125 cycles, stops bacteria from pouring in and keeps you safe.


Footwear: S Series Footwear Films


Innovative S09 series footwear films have been applied to all kinds of hiking boots. Shoes made of waterproof and breathable membrane, accompany you to enjoy all the moments of life.