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Sand Blasting Cabinet

Some people also call sand blasting machines, sand blasting tank, portable sandblaster, open sandblasting machines and so on. The names are different, but they actually have the same meaning. Can working separated, but in most case it work with shot blasting room.



Main specification for Portable Sandblaster

Item Type




Volume of in-tank (m3)




Air pressure (Mpa)




Emitted dose (caliber=φ10)(kg/h)


1 gun


1 gun


2 guns


2 guns


Air consumption (m3/min)


1 gun


1 gun


2 guns


2 guns


Length of blasting pipe (mm)


7000 (2pcs)

7000 (2pcs)

Control way

Remote control

Remote control

Remote control

Dimension (mm)




Weight (kg)





Power loss of shot blast tank


The air source configuration of the sandblasting machine is generally 6m³/min (the air consumption of a single spray gun, if it is N, the required air source configuration is N*6m³/min.


The air pressure required by the sandblasting machine is 0.5-0.6mpa (if the pressure is too low, the sandblasting will be weak and the cleaning effect will be affected).


The amount of sandblasting/shotblasting per hour of the sandblasting machine is 1800-2100 kg.


Advantages of Sand Blast Cabinet

The metal parts of the sandblasting machine are basically not damaged, and the dimensional accuracy will not change;


The surface of the part is not contaminated, and the abrasive will not chemically react with the material of the part;


The sandblasting machine can easily handle the inaccessible parts such as grooves and concaves, and various sizes of abrasives can be selected for use;


The processing cost is greatly reduced, mainly reflected in the improvement of the work efficiency of the sandblasting machine, which can meet various surface finishing requirements;


Low energy consumption and low cost;


The sandblasting machine does not pollute the environment, eliminating the cost of environmental treatment;


Composition of Sand Blast Cabinet

Generally speaking, the components as following:


The sand blasting tank:


The thickness of the steel plate used for the different volumes of the tank and the root of the sandblasting machine is different. The larger the volume, the thicker the steel plate. This is mainly determined by the pressure vessel factory according to the actual situation.


There are two types of sand valve and sand valve: manual or pneumatic. Manually, it is necessary to manually open the sand valve, and gas is automatically opened by the gas.


Sandblasting pipe (standard is 10m/20m)


Safety valve:


The use pressure of sandblasting tank is generally 8KG. The role of safety valve When the gas pressure exceeds 8KG, it will automatically deflate. So as to protect the sandblasting tank.


Sandblasting gun:


According to the material, it can be divided into boron carbide, alloy steel, tungsten carbide, iron and so on.


The most durable is boron carbide, and the service life is generally 500-700 hours.


Secondly, the service life of tungsten carbide and alloy steel is generally 300-400 hours,


Iron can only be used for 10 hours, few people have used it.


Electronic control system and other components.


Working Principle Of Portable Sandblaster

The working principle of sand blasting machine is different from shot blasting machine. The shot blasting machine uses a centrifugal force to perform shot blasting. The air powered sandblaster is powered by compressed air and sprays abrasives (both metallic and non-metallic sand) onto the surface of the workpiece. Due to the impact of pressure, the abrasive in the sand tank passes through the sand valve and blast tube to the spray gun, and the abrasive is ejected at a high speed, which changes the mechanical properties of the outer surface of the workpiece surface. Due to the impact and cutting effect of the abrasive on the workpiece surface, to obtain a certain degree of cleanliness and different roughness on the surface of the workpiece, improve the mechanical properties of the workpiece surface, so improve the fatigue resistance of the workpiece, increase the adhesion between it and the coating, and extend the coating. The durability of the film is also conducive to the leveling and decoration of the coating, removing impurities, noise and oxide layers on the surface, while roughening the surface of the medium, causing residual stress on the substrate surface and improving the hardness of the substrate surface.


Application range of sandblasting

Pre-treatment: all the blasting treatments before being covered, such as electroplating, painting, spraying, etc., the surface is absolutely clean, and at the same time greatly improve the adhesion and corrosion resistance of the covering layer.


Pre-treatment before cleaning the surface of the parts: descaling, residue and dirt of metal parts such as castings, stamping parts, welding parts, heat treatment parts; surface cleaning of non-metallic products, removal of black spots on the surface of ceramic blanks and reduction of paint Pattern, etc.


Refurbishment of old parts: refurbishment and cleaning of all moving parts such as automobiles, motorcycles, electromechanical equipment, etc. At the same time eliminate fatigue stress and extend service life.


Finishing processing on the surface of the workpiece: all metal products and non-metallic products (plastic, crystal, glass, etc.) surface traces are eliminated, and the argon fog surface treatment makes the product surface upgrade.


Mold treatment: argon light fog surface treatment of the mold surface, graphic production, and mold cleaning, not to damage the mold surface, to ensure the accuracy of the mold.


Burr treatment: the machined parts are removed with small burrs, and the plastic parts of the injection parts are eliminated.


Rework of undesirable products: removal of undesirable product coating, removal of undesirable coloring on the surface and removal of printing.


Strengthening: increase the surface hardness of metal parts and eliminate stress, such as surface treatment of aircraft blades, springs, machining tools and weapons.


Etching and anti-skid processing: etching patterns, text and anti-skid treatment on the surface of metal products and non-metal products, such as: marble, anti-skid handles, seals, stele lettering, etc.


Denim clothing treatment: the denim clothing is matte, whitish and cat whisker effect achieved.