Type2 Portable EV Charging Cable


The cable conforms to the IEC Standard (EU) of EV Charging, which suits electric vehicles manufactured in European countries. For better convenience, it has a simple design that no button on the top of the connector. It consists of Control Box and EU Plug at the tail end, a nice solution for charging.


Features of Jayuan Type 2 Portable EV Charging Cable

Matching IEC 62196-2.


Ergonomic design.


Convenient connector.


Advanced craft shows a nice appearance.


Longer lifespan and better bending thanks to XLPO & TPU material.


The control box can display the current, voltage, charging state and temperature of the circuit.


IP66 for IC-PCD, IP55 for a plug.


Currents are switchable.


Inner intelligent chip – Fix minor charging problem automatically when working.