The sanitary heat exchanger (sterile double tube plate heat exchanger) is designed to work under the working conditions with the highest sanitary requirements, and the double tube plate structure design is adopted. The port of the heat exchanger adopts quick installation or flange structure, which effectively avoids the retention of liquid medicine at the connection between the heat exchanger and the pipeline, realizes the real full emptying design, and also makes the equipment disassembly convenient. The unique design of double tube sheet makes it easy to completely empty and keep the heat exchange tube clean, which can ensure the complete separation of the shell side and tube side media, without internal welding points, and effectively eliminate the cross contamination between products and heat exchange media. It is not polluted and can detect leakage, thus avoiding the risk of cross contamination of conventional heat exchanger.



Working Principle

The material flows through the inside of the sanitary heat exchange tube, and the refrigerant or heat medium flows through the outside of the heat exchange tube in the opposite direction. The end of the heat exchange tube is fastened with double tube plates, and serves as a leakage monitoring point to prevent the two-way cross contamination of the material and heat exchange medium.



Double tubesheet structure:

This series of heat exchangers adopt double tubesheet structure design, so that the tube side and shell side are connected by their own tubesheet respectively, breaking the traditional of tube heat exchangers, where the tube side and shell side share the same connecting tubesheet, so as to minimize the risk of cross contamination, facilitate the timely discovery of potential leakage, and ensure the safe production of users.


Full emptying design:

the heat exchange tubes are 316L sanitary pipes with smooth surface, straight structure, no dead corners, convenient and thorough cleaning, and the lowest point of the equipment is equipped with an emptying valve, which is conducive to the emptying of materials, cleaning water and condensate after online sterilization. The full emptying design avoids dead corners at the product contact parts, prevents the growth of microorganisms, and is easy to clean and sterilize.


Material and surface treatment:

this series of heat exchanger is made of 316L stainless steel, or the material required by customers. The roughness coefficient of the inner surface of the pipe in contact with the material is from 0.25 – 0.4 μ m.