Heat-resistant Turbine Cover

QIAN-ZE heat-resistant turbine cover is specialized in protecting turbines from extreme heat conditions that is widely used in F1 racing car, industrial vehicle, power generation assembly, agricultural machinery, etc. Good thermal insulation and fire resistant performance make heat-resistant turbine cover withstand continuous exposure to 650℃(1200℉) to 1200℃(2200℉) according to different interior materials respectively.


QIAN-ZE turbine covers have many features to assure easy installation and appropriate choices. The dense braided fiber interior insulates against heat damage of turbines, extending their service life.


Quick Reference of Heat-resistant Turbine Cover


E-grade Fiberglass /Basalt Fiber

Recommended Operating Temperature

Continuous: 650℃(500℉) (Fiberglass )

800℃(1472℉) (Basalt Fiber)


Model Optional



E-grade Fiberglass: Grey, Black, Silver, Blue, Red

Basalt Fiber: Brown


Typical Industries

Transportation (Aerospace, Auto, Locomotive, Heavy Equipment)

Metals, Iron & Steel

Hose Fabrication

Robot Automation


Hose and Cable Heat & Flame Protection

Water/Oil Proof

Acid Resistant

Freeze Protection