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Heat Powered Stove Fan

Keep your home warm this winter with our  Eco-friendly heat powered stove fans and stove accessories.

Being Self- operating when the top of stove temperature at 50℃.

Circulate the warm air to your room quickly.

No battery or power supply.

Saving burning costs by 18%.


Types of Heat Powered Stove Fan

2 Blades Stove Fan

Small 4 Blades Stove Fan

4 Blades Stove Fan

Large 4 Baldes Stove Fan

Mini Round 4 Blades Stove Fan

8 Blades Stove Fan


Detail Information of Heat Powered Stove Fan

Optimum Operating Temperature Range Max. Operating Temperature Starting Up

Time Running RPM Color Option


(176 – 482°F) 340°C (644°F) 25-50 Sec >1200 RPM Black

Noise Certification Warranty Operating Principle Usages

<25dB CE 1 Year Self-Powered using the heat from a stove Suitable for use on all stoves.



Hot Questions of Heat Powered Stove Fan


Will a heat powered fan work on a gas stove?


Are heat powered fans worth it?


Where should you place a stove fan?


Do stove fans work on open fires?


Are 2 stove fans better than one?


Yes, if your gas stove top temperature can be 100-300 degrees. And our new design stove fan for 2022 which can be use on gas stove chimney or gas stove any side where the temperature is hot to 100-300 C degrees.