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Solar Tracker Controller TCU


The TCU automatically issues tracking commands in automatic tracking mode according to the trajectory of sun and controls the operation of the motor actuator to achieve real-time tracking of the sun by the PV modules and thus increase power generation. TCU has easy and intelligent keys and can be commissioned immediately after installation, reducing deployment cycles and manpower. The TCU can be remotely operated and monitored, and the intelligent algorithm can be further optimized through neural networks to increase power production. Our Tracker Control Units (TCU) are available in three versions: solar tracker controller TCU-FA260P, TCU-FA380M, TCU-FD1500P.



The solar tracker control unit (TCU) is the motor controller of the PV tracking bracket.TCU automatically calculates the sun’s trajectory and the azimuth and altitude angle of the location at any moment according to the longitude, latitude, and time, and the system also issues the tracking commands and controls the motor rotation according to the current position of the sun in the automatic tracking mode, so that the PV modules can always in the line with the sun at most suitable inclination angle and thus enhancing the power generation.


There is three default mode in the TCU: Auto mode, Manual mode, and Stop mode. The most commonly used mode is the Auto mode where TCU automatically commands the solar bracket to be in line with the sun. In Manual mode, it needs a human command to make rotate, usually in the phase of adjusting and testing. The last mode will only allow in special circumstances to avoid the wrong operation and not accept any manual and automatic instructions.


The solar tracker control unit has the intelligent function of one-click upgrading, wireless AD-Hoc network, anti-shadow tracking, provides protection against strong wind and snowstorms, and avoids over-current and over-temperature. TCU can match with NCU and SCADA without a complex process and long time.


The Solar tracker control box has two power supply types. One is an AC power supply which is connected to AC200V, anther type is self-supply power by PV string with an input voltage range DC250V-1500V. The second type of TCU is equipped with a lithium battery and independently-developed BMS. BMS takes the first constant current constant voltage charging ways at a different temperature to prevent overcharging of the battery protect the battery from being damaged, and enhance the stability of the control system.


Advantages of Solar Tracker Controller TCU


Great Water-tightness Structure

The controller is installed with the navigation plug facing downward, on the one hand by self-weight to waterproof, on the other hand, the extreme structural design can also ensure the normal operation under stormy conditions.



Convenient Human-computer Interaction

There are simple and intelligent buttons on the controller, and is adjustable after installation with equipped with special debugging tools, easy to operate, reducing the deployment cycle and manpower.



Powerful IoT Cloud Platform

Cloud platform can be connected by simple operation, and allows remote operation and maintenance and monitoring, real-time monitoring of system operation status.



Supporting Intelligent AI

It is a close-loop and self-learning tracking system solution driven by a new generation of big data relying on a topology algorithm based on a neural network, which is used to increase power generation.