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Solar Tracker Controller TCU-FD 1500P

Solar Tracker Controller TCU-FD 1500P

This product needs an external power supply and the input voltage is 380VAC (three-phase four limits), the output voltage being 380VAC. The product does not require additional components and has a large power generation input to meet the operation of larger power AC motors. It has multiple protections to enhance system stability. Passing more than 20 internal tests (UV, thermal cycle, wet cooling), internal tests are stricter than the industry certification standards.


Mounted on each tracker row, the solar tracker controller can intelligently track the sun’s trajectory changes in real-time thus increasing generating capacity. It is equipped with functions of PWM soft starter, angle limit protection, overload protection, temperature shutdown circuit, and short circuit protection. There are two patterns of wireless communication (Zigbee and Lora) and two power supply ways (DC and AC) for users to choose at random. As for the DC string self-powered TCU, it is equipped with a lithium battery and a self-developed BMS module. The batteries can be charged with constant voltage and constant current under different ambient temperatures to avoid over-discharge and overcharge, which can have a relatively long life cycle and service efficiency, furthermore improving the stability and reliability of the control system.


Photovoltaic Tracking Control Projects Requires The Strict Project Acceptance Conditions

(1) Complete all workload and relevant work contents within the scope of the contract, and confirm that they all have met the quality acceptance standards, passed by party A.


(2) The completion information that meets the requirements has been prepared.


(3) 3 copies of the completion information, collate and submit the project file.


(4) carry out the complete acceptance of the project according to relevant acceptance criteria.