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Souwest Magnetech Hopper Magnets

Hopper magnet is one of applications for magnetic grates (or grate magnets) on the hopper. It is a strong magnetic bar fixed by stainless steel slats to form a suitable shape, usually round or square, and the size and shape can be made according to the requirements of use. It is generally used to filter and sort small ferromagnetic metal impurities from the material.


About Hopper Magnet

Hopper Magnets are made of magnetic rods in different shapes and sizes according to different usage requirements, fixed and shaped by stainless steel plates. When the material flows through hopper magnet, the iron impurities in the material will be firmly adsorbed on the bar. Hopper magnets can purify the material and protect the safe operation of the downstream equipment. The magnetic grates can be used to filter fine iron impurities trapped in powder, granules, liquid and gas materials.


Hopper Magnet Features

Magnetic Source

Mainly using rare earth NdFeB as the magnetic source, with strong magnetic force, simple structure and long service life.



The material of the frame and pipe is 304 or 316L stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant and pollution free.



The surface of the hopper magnet can be polished to meet the requirements of food or pharmaceutical use level.


Environmental friendly

No energy consumption, no pollution, can be installed in any position on the production line where it can contact with the material, saving space and easy to install.