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Swing Check Valve

Check valves are designed to prevent reverse flow of water. Swing check valves are large in diameter and can be installed on both horizontal and vertical lines. The mounting shall be directional, and the opening and closing of the disc shall be in line with the flow direction and shall be automatically closed under the action of gravity to prevent the normally open and closed state.


Description of the installation of nonreturn check valve in the water supply pipe section:

Direct connection from the urban water supply network to the residential area or building lead pipe;

On the inlet pipe of a sealed water heater or water equipment;

At the outlet of each pump;

The water tank of a pipe and the outlet pipe of a water tower are used in the inlet and outlet pipes.



The swing check valve of ZECO has a flapper check valve,ball check valve,

 , and butterfly check valve. Because the flapper type check valve and ball type check valve are commonly used the check valve, attention to the material of rubber and processing precision can guarantee low-pressure leakage results. As a common check valve at the pump outlet, the performance of the combined butterfly-check valve is particularly outstanding. The first reason is that it has no head loss and can save energy consumption of the pump after long-term use; The second reason is that it can set the shut-down function to slow down the shut-down speed to eliminate the water hammer and sound at the position of 80% or 90%. In many water companies in China, we have many use cases in the field of butterfly check valves and have helped customers of water companies save energy consumption of pumps in the long run.