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Strainer & Dirt Separator

 dirt separators and backflow preventers are designed to prevent impurities from entering the specified pipe section. Comparing these three types of products, we can analyze from the following points: first, flow resistance. Many manufacturers tend to ignore this point and push the performance of the product to push the product’s practicality. However, if the flow resistance fails to meet the requirements, and there will be impurities in the later stage, the flow resistance will be larger and larger, especially affecting the energy consumption, thus the gain is not worth the loss.


The flow resistance of ZECO’s products is tested by the third-party testing center in China to achieve the best product status and reduce the daily operating costs of customers; Second, the filter core material. If used in medium for a long time, the filter core material shall have a long life, which can prevent frequent replacement and the risk of secondary pollution caused by corrosion of the filter core being washed away; Third, filtering performance.


This is also a point that will be paid attention to. According to the customer’s working conditions, ZECO can customize a special filter to achieve the use effect; Fourth, discharge function. In the market, the function of sewage discharge is often neglected, and some manufacturers may only consider the part of filtration function while missing the part of timed emission. All sorts of surprises are hard to predict, apart from the human cost, if cleaning is required. Therefore, the filtering products of ZECO have additional sewage discharge devices, such as y strainer with drain valve, magnetic y strainer, magnetic dirt separator, etc., to meet the requirement that customers can easily open the device outside the valve and clean the impurities inside the valve without removing the valve.