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Tissue Paper Folding Machine

The Characteristics of Tissue Paper Folding Machine

Tissue paper folding machine is used for embossing, folding, electronic counting, and cutting of raw material tray paper into napkin paper products. Due to the high degree of automation, good processing quality, and brilliant production efficiency, it is a piece of ideal production equipment for paper product factories and urban and rural families to build factories and become rich with a small investment and quick results. In addition, various clear and beautiful patterns can be embossed according to customer needs. the tissue folding machine produced by Soontrue is popular for accurate counting, precise cutting, environmental protection, and energy-saving.


The Video of Tissue Paper Folding Machine


How Much Does A Folding Machine Cost?

The value of a tissue paper folding machine is generally determined based on its own degree of automation, product configuration, production efficiency, production capacity and other comprehensive reasons. Of course, the performance of new products produced during the research and development process has been significantly improved, and the price of the machine cannot be avoided without rising. The advantages of low problem rate, high efficiency, and long working hours are enough to attract customers to buy. The machine price generally ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.


What is the Difference Between C-fold and Z-fold Paper Towels?

As the name suggests, C-fold paper towels are normally folded in the shape of the letter “C” and the Z-fold tissue is in the shape of the letter “Z”. The major difference between these two types of facial tissue towels is whether the facial tissues are interlocked or not. While the C-fold facial tissue will just simply lie on top of each other, the Z-fold tissues are normally interlocked. You can find both C-fold and Z-fold facial tissue towels in various places. As a professional in tissue paper folding, Soontrue can provide you with tissue folding machines with great working capacity. Feel free to contact us at any time.