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Two-way Radios in Security

It’s time to embrace digital transformation in physical security


Why Do We Use Two-way Radios in Security?

Security staff relies heavily on what they are equipped with to do their job, like daily routine patrol and security checks, and crowd management on event days. They need to make sure the safety of personnel, clients and property, coordinate staff in emergencies, and get effective communication. Two-way radios are widely accepted as a standard workday EDC (Everyday Carry) tool for security staff, particularly for stadium security, campus security, private security, etc.


Instant group communications

Guards using two-way radios can listen in real-time to possible problems or emergencies, and respond to them quickly and accurately. Two-way radios allow long-distance communication between security guards, helping employers fulfill their duty of care to employees.


Loud and clear audio

When people are shouting or singing, it’s nearly impossible for security guards to hear other people’s voices on the phone. Two-way radios usually come with high-power speakers and are equipped with noise cancellation technology, which ensures clear and loud audio, so messages are not missed.


Availability and durability

As a dedicated system, the two-way radios ensure that workers can talk at any time and is durable enough to meet the demands of harsh environments, such as rain, snow, high temperatures, dust, tremble, drop-off, and so on.


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