Smart Accessories

Smart Accessories

The high-efficiency operation of the special network communication system is closely connected with the coordination of intelligent accessories and communication terminal. Hytera provides a set of safe and reliable intelligent solution schemes for accessories, including intelligent battery, communication power supply and all kinds of audio accessories, etc., which could match with the intelligent terminal.


Highlights of Smart Accessories


Systematic Design to Match with the Terminal

All serial accessories are developed independently. At the beginning of product development, the system is designed according to the requirements of the terminal to ensure a reliable connection between accessories and terminals.


Intelligent Accessories to Simplify the Communication

 The core competitiveness of Hytera is to make the accessories more intelligent and efficient. Optimizing the application experience and improving the efficiency of the communication.


Satisfy the Use in the Demanding Environment

The original accessories of the Hytera have passed a series of strict and reliable tests and security certifications. It is reassured that they could be in a normal work state even in the hostile environment.